Borigor / Ceremonial Execution – Split 7″
Borigor plays mid-90s Bremen-Style with a touch of Skandi-Metal. The band members were / are also in the following bands: Resurretionists, The Cheerleaders Of The Apocalypse, Arsen a.k.a. König der Monster, The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra, and Houses In Texas. So you know how they sound, AMAZING! The songs were recorded in the mighty Kuschelrock Studios. Ceremonial Execution are from sweden. They make oldschool death-metal with grind attacks. (Erode Releases) *1€*


The Infarto, Scheisse – s/t LP
The Infarto, Scheisse! is a screamo/metal band from Bergamo, Italy. They showing that the newer Emo trend is started off in Italy and that the best bands are there! The Infarto, Scheisse! play metallic, chaotic, sometimes fast sometimes slow, (but always) emotional hc with great lyrics about personal revolution. (Erode Releases) *4€*


The Jam Session Special Offer! *12€*
This special offer contains:

  • The Jam Session – När mörkret… / Att skingra …Tape Erode 005
  • The Jam Session – Yellow Mica LP The 2002 Mini Album
  • Ceremonial Execution / Borigor Split 7″ ERODE 002, C.E. is the singer’s and guitarist’s death metal band
  • Altar Of Flies / Dead Seagul – Split Tape ERODE 007, A.O.F. is the bassist Mattias Gustafsson’s noise solo project
  • Mattias Frisk – Död I Väntan På Liv Tape The guitarist’s solo project


Resurrectionists Special Offer! *8€*

  • Resurrectionists – s/t Tape ERODE 014
  • Borigor / Ceremonial Execution – Split 7″ ERODE 002, Borigor is the singer’s and guitarist’s previous band
  • Cheerleaders Of The Apocalypse – Rock N‘ Roll Self Destruction 7″ The guitarist’s previous grind-metal band
  • Extreme Disgorge – s/t 7″ The guitarist’s and singer’s previous grind band

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