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If you’re not ordering too crazy then you can expect the shipping for Germany 1,90€ and 3,45€ for international orders.

Erode Releases

Borigor / Ceremonial Execution – Split 7″ 3€
The Infarto, Scheisse! – s/t LP 8€
The Jam Session – När mörkret väller över / Att skingra det mörker som betäcker landet Cassette 3€
Fyoelk – Trampolin Cassette 3€
Towers – Full Circle Cassette 3€
Früchte des Zorns – Unter unserer Haut Double 10″ 15€
Best Friends – Küss die Ziege Cassette 3€
Fyoelk / Les Trucs – Split 7″ 3,50€
Tiger Magic – Crush On You Cassette 3€
Titan – 2006-2009 Cassette 3€
Blackbird Raum – False Weavers Cassette 3€

Cassette Mailorder – every tape 4€

A Bridge To Many / Go Ahead – Split (The Light Between)
Acerola – This Boy is (Aldi Punk)
Afterbirth – Robots Of Death (Insane Society)
Анатолий Никулин ‎- Гуашь (Yaizekletka Records)
Anchors – 2007 – European Tape
Aristides – Futures Are For Losers (Clan Destine Records)
Arabian Horses – Lafayette (Yaizekletka Records)
Avitacion 101 – s/t (Catalina)
Bad Biology – Before The Germ (Bear Records)
Bertin – Mini (Stenze Quo)
Best Friends – In Dudebro (Save Pizza Points)
Best Friends / Kick Rocks – Split
The Big Drum In The Sky Religion / Paregorik Split (Puzzle Records)
The Bitters – East General (Release The Bats)
Braindead – Weapons Of The Weak (Uga Uga Tapes)
Caldera Lakes – Live At Odgen Theatre (Dokuro)
Alec Cheer – Singing Sand (At War With False Noise)
Container – application/protrusion (Stenze Quo)
Corvus – Eating Chemicals (Soundo Maso)
Country Rosi – Digital Mixtape (Aldi Punk)
Country Rosi – Konturen (Aldi Punk)
Country Rosi – Unten (Aldi Punk)
Coup D’Etat – Der Sinn Für Die Bewegung In Der Stille (Black Heart Inc.)
Dallas Denver – Selftitled
Dance Or Die / The Balls Of Justice – Split
Dead Kaspar Hausers – Nuke The Police (Truemmer Pogo)
Deine Eltern – Fisch Macht Klug (Empty Head Records)
Derek Rogers – Fifteen Second Pauses (Full Of Nothing)
Der Kopflose Börsenmakler – Straight Outta Legoland (Aldi Punk)
Devoid Of Faith – Discography (Sangsara)
Diablero – Selftitled (Int Collective)
Dolcim – Guillotine Ride (Utarid Tapes)
Dröne – Obelisk (Puzzle Records)
Dshock / God Pussy – Split (Puzzle Records)
Ecoute La Merde / Foamshanks (Underground Pollution)
Ecoute La Merde / Whale Plate (Underground Pollution)
Ecoute La Merde / Philip Tarr (Underground Pollution)
Emped – Klang (Wald)
E.N.JoyAble – Isitinda? (Aldi Punk)
Фaнтастическ Aяжаба – s/t (Yaizekletka Records)
Filth Of Mankind – The Final Chapter (Trujaca Fala)
Gentle Art Of Chokin‘- Selftitled (Yakuzzi)
Goldener Aue Terror / Mercilles – Split (Underground Tapes)
Golden Wounds / Skip Tooth – Split (Broken Tapes Recordings)
Gorgonized Dorks – Dead And Annoying (Soundo Maso)
Greffo Lachpansen – Moozique (Aldi Punk)
Haferslime / Grotten-Schlascht – Split (Aldi Punk)
Hanker Hoax Haphazard – Join The Circle Pit, Not The Army (Puzzle Records)
Hebosagil – Ura (Kaos Kontrol)
Hellpetrol – We Cant Surf But You Dont Care (Aldi Punk)
Hex Breaker Quartet ‎- Method For Astral Amelioration (Dokuro)
Hiroshima Bird Market – Repeat (Wald)
Humankapital – Harte Zeiten
Hyëna – s/t (Still Fucking Pissed)
Jaques She Rock – Selftitled (Yakuzzi)
Jeans Beast – Diamond Days (Econore)
Kafka On The Shore – Content To Drift (Sleephouse)
Keinheld – Sie & Meine Gitarre (Tief In Marcellos Schuld)
Kesumat – Prison Called Conformity
Kilowtron / THX1137 – Split (Tomaturj)
Lafftrak – Game Over! (Tief In Marcellos Schlud)
La Ligne Maginot – selftitled
Le Kraken – Exil (Désordre Ordonné)
Lazarus Taxa – Selftitled (Désordre Ordonné)
Madame Monster – s/t (Yakuzzi)
Mans – Epitaph (Gafas Del Rigor)
Mas Aya – Pockets (Tomaturj)
Maze – Davros
Me, Ship – Selftitled (Lala)
Mess//Age – Moments Of Mayhem (Human Parasit)
Mike Bell – How To Avoid Your Past (Be Happy Records)
Milkman – Harder, Faster Louder, Better (Drugs Kill Your Mind)
Mist – Selftitled (Wahnfried Records)
Mnmnts – The Good Life
Momentum – Whetting Occam’s Razor (Win Htein)
Monkey Business – Demo Tape (Yakuzzi)
Mononoke – Aussicht?!
Mönster – Death Before Disorder (Trujaca Fala)
Montgomery Drive – Crybaby
Mothra Teresa – Selftitled (Bear Records)
Mukta Caritra – Invocation Of The Crow King (Midnight Manhunt)
Neon Bone – Royal Ascot (Ostrol B Tapes)
Neon Sea / Taklamakan – Split (Puzzle Records)
New Reality – Greatest $hits (Aldi Punk)
Noise Torture / Amnogomusikimalo – Split (THC + DIY Records)
Nryy / Wormhead – Split (Puzzle Records)
Nyctophobic – Insects (Khaaranus Productions)
Olde Pine – The Steve French E (Tief In Marcellos Schuld)
One Kind Word – Demo 2010 (Quatuka Records)
Oscar Vicente Slorach-Thorn – Teeth (Alberts Basement)
Out Cold – Two Broken Hearts Are Better Than One (Drugs Kill Your Mind)
Pak – Shampoo (Stenze Quo)
Pequena Oruga Mecanica – Formas De Violencia (Catalina)
Pilots – Our Taxidermic Toungues (Tief In Marcellos Schuld)
Pizza – Constant Desert Current (Sterling, VA Records)
The Pookie Syndrome – Kaos (Gafas Del Rigor)
Pop Brut – Demo 2007 (Kampfgarten Tapes)
Quattro Stagioni – Discography (Yakuzzi)
Radio Freier Irak – The Complete Discography (Aldi Punk)
RedSk – Project Folklore (Puzzle Records)
Religous Overdose – Half Devil And Half A Child (Aural Exciter)
Respect My Fist – Locesongs
Revisiting A Massacre – About (Dead Format)
Rhume – La Natation Comme Sport De Combat (Tomaturj)
RZGS – The Lost Letters (No More Music)
Sadhaka – Terma (Sick Man Getting Sick)
Semi Playback – All Of (Tomaturj)
Sendingallprocessthekillsignal – 3rr0r
Septic Dieter – Selftitled (Yakuzzi)
Schmutzstaffel – Demo 2013
Skankshot – One Of The Millions Of Robots (Uga Uga Tapes)
Slam Wedgehouse – Mega Cute Chaos (Slam Jams)
Sodium – Selftitled (Tief In Marcellos Schuld)
Solar Horn – Rebirth Ritual (Kaos Kontrol)
Southreach – Selftitled (Intellect)
Space Manatee / Resinoth – Split
Spirals / Mandarin Clit – Split (Midori)
Stagnation Is Death – Cywilizacja Upadku (Sub Culture)
Start Today – I’m Happy That You… (Where’s That Deerhead)
Sundowning – Of Aging Stones… (Gafas Del Rigor)
Take It Back / Mother Speed (Yakuzzi)
Taia – Simple I y II (Revenge Earth)
Tainted Corrosive Mist – Selftitled (Puzzle Records)
Tainted Corrosive Mist / Hybrid Frequency – Split (Puzzle Records)
Tainted Corrosive Mist / Saturn From Essence – Split (Puzzle Records)
Terror Art – Baricada Antifa
Thoughts Paint The Sky – Komödie/Tragödie? (Typewriter Records)
ThrouRoof – Tarots Session (Full Of Nothing)
Tideland – House Party (VA Records)
Unicorn Hard-On – Euro Tour Tape
Väärät Vierat – Vieras Kirja (Shitsuck Tapes)
Verbal Revolt / The Disordered – Split (Aldi Punk)
Volxverätzung – Es Lebe Die Freihei
Vorbeugehaft / Die Spritzen – Split (Strauchdieb)
Wormhead / Ataraxy – Split (Puzzle Records)
Wormhead / My TV Hurts – Split (Puzzle Records)
V.A. – 2040 [Among Giants, The New & Very Welcome, Manque, Tyler Daniel Bean (Bear Records)
V.A. – A Tribute To Pornoheft [Greffo Lachpansen, Acerola, Se Sichelzecken…] (Aldi Punk)
V.A. – Geisteskrank The Compilation #2 [Krautbomber, Over The Top, Einmannjan, Regina Regenbogen…] (Aldi Punk)
V.A. – Geisteskrank The Compilation #3 (Aldi Punk)
V.A. – Marcellos Mixtape [Trainwreck, I Not Dance, Alia…] (Tief In Marcellos Schuld)
V.A. – Mutanten Parade 2009 [Nihil Baxter, Alarmstufe Gerd, Tatort Toilet, Over The Top…] (Empty Head Records)
V.A. – Obscure Infinity [Darklord, Atrophy, Amethyste, Carmina] (Nihilistic Holocaust)
V.A. – Paralysis Through Conformity [Rambo, From Ashes Rise, Wolfbrigade, Burial…]
V.A. – Sicher Gibt Es Noch Bessere Programme [Over The Top, The Omnipresent Disease, Lafftrak, Undressed Army..] (Aldi Punk)
V.A. – Tom Is Our Friend #1 [Kommando Zurück, Autobot, Tetris Attack…] (Aldi Punk)
V.A. – Tom Is Our Friend #2 [New Reality, Slapendehonden, Krank…] (Aldi Punk)
V.A. – Your Colla, The Colour Of Mounds [Pink Priest, Jason Heller, Seagull…] (Alberts Basement)

You can write an email with the items you want, and I’ll get back as soon as I can. Thanks!

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