Hey, this is a little history how it’s started for those who are interested in it…

In the year 2000 I started a label called React with Protest with my friends and band mates Lars and Sabine.
In 2004, after a bunch of screamo and metal releases, I decided to leave RWP for some reasons and formed my own label, called Erode Records. After releasing some records from my friends and my own band I released an anthology art zine and renamed the label in Erode Releases with the idea to make not a policy on a specific genre or format.

Thats all d.i.y. non profit. Just from my heart for the music and friends.

You can get in contact for whatever you want!

Maya – eroderecordsⒶyahoo.de



Review from Gerdas Tanzcafé (July 2012)

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