finally news again

April 22, 2013

Hey everybody!

Thanks for reading this and passing by the homepage. I have to post some news again, yes I am, and the label is still alive, but things going recently slowly. But several things happened since the last update. So you can go now on the Erode Artists page to find some basic information and links about the bands that are released on Erode.
You can go now on the Tours section to see what tours I’m working on. I’m booking a few tours every year for my friends. I published it now so I want you to find some cool shows there, but also support from people who set up shows and have ideas to help setting up the tour.
Blackbird Raum is coming this summer for two months to tour around Europe. Germany is already booked, but we need some help in Spain. More info about this tour will be released soon.
The latest two Erode releases I want to show you is a tape from the Canadian band Titan. The tape is a compilation of their releases from 2006 – 2009, containing the June Paik Split, In First Person Split, The Chrysanthemum Pledge and Colossus. Check it out here:
In March I released  album from the wonderful band Tiger Magic, from Leipzig. It’s their first and newest album and you should definitely give it a try here:
Both tapes, as all the other available Erode releases are ready to order, you just need to write an email and we figure something out. I would be also happy about trades with other labels who release tapes. I want to spread your tapes here and I want you to spread my stuff…
And I would be happy to give you stuff for the wholesale price if you buy higher quantities.

I can’t really say anything now about the future releases. There will be some and there are some in the planning, but everything is so unsteady right now around me. So keep your eyes open, maybe you want to subscribe to the newsletter on the bottom of this page. Then you’ll get once in a while an update about the little world of Erode Releases.

Thanks a lot for your interest!

See you.



September 25, 2012

I’m just in the middle of updating this homepage. But it’ll probably takes a while because I’m so slow…